ne day Mister Hop made some tea,
But he made enough tea for three.
"I think I shall give some tea,
to Mister Beaver and Mrs. Bee."

And Maybe some, I could spare,
For Little Jay and Old Red Hare,
And then my kettle should be bare,"
Said Hop. But I should give a care,

For this tea's really hot, thought Hop
So Mister Hop put a lid on top.
A spill this lid will stop, thought Hop,
But be careful or it will slop.

So Mister Hop took some to Bee
And filled his cup with nice hot tea,
"Thank you, Mister Hop," said Bee,
"For I like to sip nice hot tea."

"You're welcome Bee, and now I think
I shall give Mr. Beaver a drink,
For in his dam there are no chinks
He has worked hard and deserves a drink."

And Mister Hop went to the dam.
Beaver was eating toast and jam,
"I'm glad you came with tea, I am.
Please sit, Hop, and have some ham."

"Thank you, but I must not rest,"
Said Hop, "I must find Little Jay's nest,"
So Hop walked on and found the nest,
And there was Jay looking his best.

"Would you like some tea," said Hop to Jay
"Oh yes, I would, I like tea, I say,"
Said jay, "and please share with me a tray,
Of candy which I would eat all day."

"Thank you, Jay, but my pot's not bare,
I need to give tea to Old Red Hare,"
Mister Hop so did declare
As he hopped off to Hare's lair,

But on the way Hop has a slip
And he did a double back flip
And in the pot there was not a drip
Left for Hare. There was not even a sip.

"Oh me, oh my, I'm out of tea,
I gave some tea to Mrs. Bee,
To Mister Beaver I gave some tea,
To Little Jay I gave some tea,"

"But now I have none for Old Red Hare,
Oh, what Shall I do, my pot is bare!
Oh, Mrs. Bee, my pot is bare,
What shall I give to Old Red Hare?"

"I don't know, Hop," said Bee,
"Why don't you make more tea?"
"I can't make more tea, I'm out you see!"
Said Hop, "does anyone have some tea?"

"I have no tea," said Jay, "not me."
"I have no tea," said Beaver, "not me."
"I have no tea," said Hare, "not me."
"I think I have some tea," said Bee.

"Oh me, oh my, thank you, Bee,
Now I can make some extra tea!"
And Mister Hop and Mrs. Bee
They cooked up some brand new tea!

"Now I have some tea for Red Hare,
Now my pot is not so bare."
So Mr. Hop filled the cup of Hare,
"Thank you Hop, I like tea," said Hare.

"Of course you do, geriatric fuck,"
Said Hop, "Then I guess you're in luck.
You have had your fucking tea
Now, die, bitch! Die-eeee!"

The End

Copyright © 2003