There isn't really a new rant this week. I just spent most of the weekend learning about something called 'Cascading Style Sheets' or CSS (some HTML gobble-de-gook), as someone assured me that they are the way to go when it comes to web design. And I spent most of this week reformatting the entire site to conform with the new CSS style. As I'm sure you've noticed if you made it this far, some of the changes I've made are actually visible to you, the readers (yes, all two of you).

Essentially, what this new format means is that the site is no longer compatible with older browsers (anything more outdated than Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 6.0). Of course, if you have an older browser you don't deserve to surf the internet anyway, and you probably got the MS Blaster Worm, now that I think on it. The site is also slower to load and harder to read. However, the changes also make it easier for me to format new content, so I feel the trade off is worthwhile to me.

I'm still fiddling about with some stuff, so don't freak out if pictures and pages don't load as they should. It's just me, pretending I know more about web page design than I actually do.

Although there isn't a new rant, there is a new story, and boy is it a doosy. I encourage everyone to check it out post haste. The whole bit took me about two weeks to put together so I expect my effort to be appreciated appropriately.

That said, my back hurts from sitting in this goddamn $50 Office Depot desk chair for nearly twelve hours with minimal potty breaks. I'm going to go drink off the pain.

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