wo Polish guys are out hunting but they have only one gun. The one with no guy tells the other that he's going to move through the bush naked and try to flush the deer toward his armed partner. The gunman agrees and positions himself behind a blind. After a moment he sees some rustling in the bushes and fires only to hear his partner should "Oh, fuck" in Polish.

The gun man rushes into the brush to his friend's side. "Don't worry, little buddy," he says, "we'll get you all fixed up." Just like in that one eighties movie. With the alien and the pick up truck. Have you seen it? God, why can't I remember the name. I think it had an R in it somewhere. Anyway, the gunman takes his friend to the hospital.

The hunter waits in the lobby while his friend is examined. After a few minutes a doctor comes out and approaches him.

"How's my friend," he asks.

"Well," says the doctor, "I think he would have been just fine if you hadn't gutted him first."

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