man wakes up early one morning and finds that it is a beautiful, sunny day. He shakes his wife awake. "Honey," he says, "wake up. We're going fishing."

"I don't know..." his wife groggily responds.

"Ok," he says, "I'm going out to get the dog and load up the truck. When I get back, you have three choices: come fishing, give me a blow job, or take it up the ass." The man's wife rolls her eyes and turns over in the bed, trying to return to sleep. After a while, the man returns from preparing for his fishing trip. He wakes his wife again and she starts to unzip him.

"I see you've made your decision," he says, pulling his pants down.

As she gets his pants off, she asks, wincing: "What's that smell?"

"Oh, yeah," the man says, "the dog didn't wanna go either."

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