man is walking through the jungle. He comes upon an elephant which has been caught in a poacher’s trap. Being compassionate, the man frees the elephant. Before tramping off through the forest, the elephant looks gratefully into the man’s eyes and places it trunk delicately on his shoulder in thanks. Then, as stealthily as such an enormous animal can, it moved through the trees in search of whatever it is elephants search for.

Three years later, the same man is at the circus. He is watching the elephant show, sitting right up front because he simply adores the creatures. The elephants march out at the beginning of the show, one by one, preparing to do their elephant-tricks. There is one elephant, though, that eyes the man as it comes out, almost as though it recognizes him. The elephants stack one on top of the other in a giant pachyderm pyramid. And that same elephant keeps eyeing the man. The elephants jump through rings of fire. And that same elephant keeps eyeing the man. The elephants balance precariously atop brightly-colored beach balls. And that same elephant keeps eyeing the man.

Then, when the show is nearly over, the elephant approaches the man. Gently, it places its trunk on the man’s shoulder. It grasps him firmly, though carefully, and lifts him into the air. Then it throws him to the ground and tramples him to death. Apparently it was a different elephant.

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