k, so there’s thishguy. And he’s like drivin’ and shit. Then the drunk policeman comes and he’s like, fuck I think I’m deaf… wait. Wait. I think I fucked up. Lemme start over. Ok, so, it’s the guy who’s drunk, right? Not eh cop. And he’s driving. The guy is. Well, like the cop is too, obviously. But this drunk guy’s driving an’ he gets pulled over by a not-drunk policeman. And the cop is like, giimme yer ID and shit and then he’s like “Son, have you been drinking?” All serious and shit.

The drunk fuck is like “Gah!” just like Audrey Hepfurn in that one movie, and the policeman winces as the smell of booze, “I jus’ had a wee nip off…” of… wait, what do you take nips of? Oh, yeah, scotch. An’ he says, “…a wee nip of the scotch.”

“Uh huh,” goes the policeman, “and do you realize that your wife fell out of the car about a quarter-mile back?”

Anmd then the frunk. Hahaha. Drunk. And then the drunk guy is like “Whew, I thought I went deaf!!” Hahahahhaha. Deaf. ‘Cause, like his wife is gone, right and so she’s not like talking no more. Hahahaha. You get it? Fuck. I’m drunk.

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