his joke is a little off season, but I couldn't resist:

A little girl gets into a car accident and loses her sight. She asks her mother, "Mommy, do you think I will ever be able to see again?"

Her mom replies: "Of course, honey, the doctor said it's only temporary. In the morning we're going to go to the pharmacy and get a special cream that will let you see again."

The girl is so excited that she can barely sleep that night. In the morning, she sings gaily all the way to the pharmacy where her mother buys some of the cream.

That night the mother rubs the cream on her daughter's eyes, applies a fresh bandage and puts the little girl to bed. The next morning the girl wakes bright and early and runs to her mother's room bumping her head several times. Because she can't see.

"Quick, mommy," she says excitedly. "Take the bandages off so I can see again!"

The mother unwraps the sterile gauze.

"Oh, no," the girl exclaims in disappointment. "I still can't see!"

"I know, honey," says the mother, "April Fools!"

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